5 Ways it Pays to Invest in Your Community

Here at Vinings Bank, we consider our customers like family. Whenever you walk into our community bank or speak with us on the phone, you’ll always receive the utmost respect. After all, keeping you happy and satisfied is our #1 priority. To that point, we also believe in giving back to the place we call home.

Our community keeps our business going. Our community is the glue that holds us all together. And as it turns out, investing in the community pays off big-time—whether you’re a business or an individual.

Have you considered investing in your local area? In this post, we’ll discuss five reasons it pays to give back.

Boosts Local Awareness

As a small business, giving back to your community can help you in the long haul. This is especially true if you’ve just opened your doors. So, while you’re looking to gain a new following and reach your target audience, you can take a step in the right direction with community investment. It could even be the top way to generate brand awareness.

Provides Purpose

As a business, you may feel caught up in the day-to-day life of making a profit. Yes, it’s beneficial for your wallet, but it can also be draining. You can find more balance and feel a sense of purpose by investing in your community—and making your team feel part of something greater.

Fosters Strategic Relationships

Small businesses are constantly trying to build and develop strategic relationships. However, getting that competitive edge can be difficult. With a community investment plan in place, you’re doing what’s right for the community and nurturing key relationships with your business partners.

Vinings Bank is happy to support several events and organizations in our community, including the Salvation Army, YMCA, and the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Atlanta.

Encourages Community Engagement

When you invest in your community, your actions often encourage others to do the same. It’s a chain reaction that can lead to big results, especially if you have a large customer base or a lot of contacts. When others see you helping those in need and giving back, they may want to join the cause.

Often Provides Media Attention

Community events and organizations owe everything to their sponsors and supporters, so they often promote these businesses through various media outlets. They might do this through press releases, blog posts, or even a simple link on a website or event page.

As a community banking provider, Vinings Bank strongly believes in giving back to the place we call home. From sponsoring events to raising donations, we’re helping to build and foster a strong community.

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