How to Boost Your Banking Security

More than 65% of U.S. residents use digital banking on their smartphones or computers. The convenience of accessing personal and business accounts online makes digital banking very attractive. Without taking the right precautions, though, it could also undermine the banking security that keeps your private information safe. Follow these three tips so you can boost

What to Expect Before, During, and After Signing a Loan

Getting commercial loans can help you start or grow your business. The application process, however, can seem daunting to some business owners. The following information will help you anticipate everything you need to know before, during, and after finalizing commercial loans. Before: Know What Types of Commercial Loans Suit Your Needs Community banks typically offer

The 10 Most Common Budgeting Mistakes

Managing your household budget can be challenging at times. Sometimes it might seem like you have to miss out on the little luxuries in life to pay the bills. However, it could be simply that you’re falling into some of the many budgeting mistakes everyone makes from time to time. Handle your money management better

What We’d Like You to Know about Vinings Bank

Vinings Bank isn’t like most big banks. Operated by local people, it provides community banking solutions. In this guide, learn what makes Vinings different from mainstream financial institutions and the benefits of hometown banking. Vinings Bank is More Accommodating With Small Business Loans As a community bank, Vinings invests in local people like you. It

Advantages and Disadvantages of Filing your Own Taxes

The phrase “tax season” might send a shiver down your spine, and deadlines are looming. The IRS will start accepting income tax returns in late January, and the Georgia Department of Revenue will ask residents to file their taxes soon after. You can always hire a certified public account (CPA), but is it worth it?

Vinings Bank Declares Q1 2022 Dividend

On January 27, 2022 the Board of Directors declared a special cash dividend of $1.00/share and a Q1 2022 cash dividend of $0.30/share, payable on February 7, 2022 to shareholders of record on February 1, 2022.

What is Positive Pay?

Check fraud has become an enormous concern for businesses in the last few years. That’s because checks are the payment method most susceptible to fraud, with 66 percent of payments professionals impacted by check fraud activity in 2020. Positive pay can protect business owners when processing check payments. But how does it work? Positive Pay,

Money Market Account – Why it’s the Best of Both Worlds

Using a money market account with a community bank in Smyrna, GA can be a great way to earn interest on your savings. It’s a cross between a savings account and a checking account, giving you the best of both worlds. Learn more about money market accounts below. What is a Money Market Account? A