What We’d Like You to Know about Vinings Bank

Vinings Bank isn’t like most big banks. Operated by local people, it provides community banking solutions. In this guide, learn what makes Vinings different from mainstream financial institutions and the benefits of hometown banking.

Vinings Bank is More Accommodating With Small Business Loans

As a community bank, Vinings invests in local people like you. It uses deposits to support small businesses in Cobb County that need funds to scale and grow, which helps the local economy develop. Community banks like Vinings Bank provide 50 percent of all small business loans in the United States, as well as offering real estate. 

Vinings Bank Provides Personal Service

Vinings is committed to personal service, creating relationships with its loyal customers. This exceptional service means customers get custom banking solutions based on their budget, lifestyle, and requirements. You’re unlikely to get this kind of customer service at a larger nationwide bank. 

Vinings Bank Supports Local Initiatives

Vinings works closely with local organizations throughout Cobb and Fulton Counties, providing personalized support and financial solutions for worthy causes. These causes include Cobb Chamber Prayer Breakfast, Cobb Chamber Public Safety, YWCA of Northwest GA, Kiwanis Club of Marietta, Rotary Club of North Fulton, and Pathways Life.

Vinings Banks is the only local bank headquartered in Cobb County. Its community banking solutions go above and beyond to offer small business loans, personalized service, community support, better interest rates and lower fees. Vinings does all of this while still offering the same conveniences as a bigger bank, such as online banking, savings and investments and lines of credit.

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