Learn About 5 Different Accounts Your Bank Offers

Business bank accounts need to address the unique needs that businesses face when paying invoices, expanding their reach, developing new products, and building more financial success. Vinings Bank’s focus on community banking means that you can get the specific business banking services you need to thrive. You can start by learning about these five popular banking account options for businesses.

Commercial Checking

A commercial checking account comes with several features that make business banking easier than ever. With a minimum deposit of just $100, you get:

  • Free access to online banking
  • Online bill pay
  • Access to your account history and transactions
  • No monthly fees
  • A free order of checks
Commercial Money Market Accounts

Get a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts offer by starting a commercial money market account. You can make transactions via check, draft, debit card, phone, or internet. Interest gets compounded daily and credited to your account at the end of each month.

Business Credit Card Accounts

Keep your personal debts and business debts separate by creating a business credit card account. You get a competitive interest rate and an easy way to track your business expenses.

SBA Loans

Vinings Bank can help you apply for two types of SBA loans:

  • 7(a) loans used to pay for equipment purchases, working capital and real estate.
  • 504 loans used to pay for existing buildings or constructing a new building.

Get a competitive interest rate and favorable terms by applying for an SBA loan through Vinings Bank.

Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTA)

IOLTA bank accounts are exclusively reserved for attorneys and law firms that need to hold money in escrow. Two business account options let you carry a balance between $100 and $99,999.00 or $100,000 and over.

Business bank accounts should address the unique needs that for-profit organizations face. Explore your bank account options to find the ones that fit your business strategy.

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