How to Boost Your Banking Security

More than 65% of U.S. residents use digital banking on their smartphones or computers. The convenience of accessing personal and business accounts online makes digital banking very attractive. Without taking the right precautions, though, it could also undermine the banking security that keeps your private information safe. Follow these three tips so you can boost

What to Expect Before, During, and After Signing a Loan

Getting commercial loans can help you start or grow your business. The application process, however, can seem daunting to some business owners. The following information will help you anticipate everything you need to know before, during, and after finalizing commercial loans. Before: Know What Types of Commercial Loans Suit Your Needs Community banks typically offer

What We’d Like You to Know about Vinings Bank

Vinings Bank isn’t like most big banks. Operated by local people, it provides community banking solutions. In this guide, learn what makes Vinings different from mainstream financial institutions and the benefits of hometown banking. Vinings Bank is More Accommodating With Small Business Loans As a community bank, Vinings invests in local people like you. It

What is Positive Pay?

Check fraud has become an enormous concern for businesses in the last few years. That’s because checks are the payment method most susceptible to fraud, with 66 percent of payments professionals impacted by check fraud activity in 2020. Positive pay can protect business owners when processing check payments. But how does it work? Positive Pay,

How to Prevent Fraud of Your Financial Accounts

Fraud and identity theft are prevalent threats in the modern world as communities grow dependent on digital technology. Malicious actors have resorted to increasingly sophisticated tactics in obtaining private and confidential information from uninformed targets – exploiting the vulnerabilities in remote devices and networks.  Most banks provide basic security features. However, the best means of

A Guide to Vinings Bank Mobile Banking

Vining Banks is proud to offer two mobile banking tools, one for personal use and one for business clients. Both apps feature a full range of functionality to make banking from your mobile device fast and easy. Here’s what you need to know about these two apps and how to download the right one for

Learn About 5 Different Accounts Your Bank Offers

Business bank accounts need to address the unique needs that businesses face when paying invoices, expanding their reach, developing new products, and building more financial success. Vinings Bank’s focus on community banking means that you can get the specific business banking services you need to thrive. You can start by learning about these five popular

A Guide to Switching Banks

If you’re not happy with your current bank, it may be time to switch to a different one. But before diving into the switch, take a look at the steps to follow for the process to go smoothly. Open an Account at a New Bank If you’re thinking about switching banks, don’t simply close the old

Is Your Money Safe in a Bank?

As your business becomes more profitable, you might have questions about the best way to store your money so you have little chance of losing it. This is an especially common concern during hard times, such as a recession or global pandemic. So is your money safe in a bank? Well, experts say the bank

Why Do Small Businesses Prefer Hometown Banks?

If you feel like you always see advertisements for big banks, you might assume that they’re the most popular options for business banking. But it turns out that many small businesses prefer to work with smaller banks in their communities. In fact, one survey found that community banks provide 75% of small business loans in