A Guide to Vinings Bank Mobile Banking

Vining Banks is proud to offer two mobile banking tools, one for personal use and one for business clients. Both apps feature a full range of functionality to make banking from your mobile device fast and easy. Here’s what you need to know about these two apps and how to download the right one for you.

Personal Mobile Banking App

The Vinings Bank retail app is designed for non-business users. This personal banking app features advanced security and convenient features, like the option to use Face ID, so that you can bank on-the-go without hassle or fear. You can even view your balance without logging in by activating the Instant Balance feature from within the app.

Our mobile app will help you effortlessly track your balances for any checking, savings, and loan accounts you have with Vinings Bank, all from one screen. View recent transactions and download statements with just a few taps. Set up mobile alerts and you’ll know when your balance is getting low, or when a new transaction posts, without even having to open your app.

Managing your money using the Vinings Bank app is simple. Instantly transfer money between your accounts, set up recurring bill payments, and deposit checks in a snap. If you have any issues, Vinings Bank’s friendly customer service team is available directly within the app, too.

Business Mobile Banking App

The Vinings Bank business app is perfect for business users when they’re on-the-go. Enjoy the same advanced security that brings you peace of mind with Vinings Bank online with the convenience of your smartphone. For an even smoother experience, you can enable Face ID within the app to sign on in seconds.

Inside the app, you can view balances and transaction history for all of your business accounts on a single screen. Plus, you can view and download statements with a tap. Move money between your accounts, make electronic payments, and deposit checks in an instant. To help you stay on top of your business banking with even less effort, be sure to set up account alerts. These custom alerts can tell you when your balance drops below a certain amount or when a large transaction posts.

For any banking questions you may have, just open up the Vinings Bank app and you’re a few taps away from our friendly customer service team.

Get Started with Mobile Banking

Downloading the Vinings Bank mobile app is easy! You’ll find both the personal and business apps on the App Store in one location. On Google Play, follow these links for the retail mobile app and the business mobile app.

Those with personal accounts can activate the retail app in minutes. For business users: if you are not already set up for online banking access, you’ll need to give a quick call to Vinings Bank customer service at (770) 437-0004 in order to get started.

As always, if you have any questions, simply contact Vinings Bank for assistance. Enjoy your new mobile banking experience!

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